MYNUDE is the musical brainchild of Chris & Julien. It all started back on a late night just as the end of 2006 was around the corner. It was at that moment the realization struck of their mutual musical interests and brainstorm the next evolutionary steps of Mynude.

Since then their journey has taken them to perform at numerous locations around the world and to collaborate with artists of incredible talent that at the moment shaping the underground electronic music scene. Their aim is to be influential, non-commercial and to push the boundaries of experimentation to its limits. May that be experimenting with new hardware / electronics or developing custom audio software.

Christos comes from a software engineering background and takes a more technical approach to music. Previous projects he worked on include a thesis on algorithmic music composition. Julien coming from an illustration and brand consultancy background has a natural take on transforming a concept into an outstanding brand.

Together and alongside another two highly talented individuals (Pier & Uden) they gave birth to their second musical endeavour, Several Reasons Recordings. Recordings in the name merely describes the concept and objective behind this new project. Several Reasons is a record label / platform / performance projects management based in Berlin, London, Italy and Cyprus. Julien works on the branding and Chris on the label management, A&R and any technical requirements.

At the present moment the duo are working on a series of productions as part of their album that they are planning to launch as well as working on their latest live performance setup.

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