MYNUDE, the Frankenstein like creation of kemi and julien, provide deep, dark and twisted tech beats, original thumping grooves and shattering low-freq workout’s which are being hailed as the duo’s signature style. 

Releases on labels such as Frucht[GER], Killing Machine[CR], Pikimup Records[FR], Starcake Records[GER], Mutate to Survive[FR], Stosh[RUS], Mad Hatter Recordings[UK], Elektek Recordings[UK], Voodoo Records[GR], Xe:tech:no[UK]

The duo has performed in a number of countries around the world with their live performance consisting of smart-mixing using two laptops with four Traktor decks each and Ableton Live via Midi sync. It is truly an energy packed experience, that they want to share with as many as they can from every corner of the planet.

For bookings please contact us here.

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